Sunday, July 20, 2008

malaysian drivers 2

if you are living in kl or penang, then being stuck in traffic jams is a norm as this is a daily affair, especially during peak hours. it is at these times that you see the ugly side of road users and traffic rules being broken. some think that by creating extra lanes they will arrive at their destinations earlier. if there is even a tiny space between two cars, they will conveniently fill up the space oblivious to the feelings of the other road users who have been patiently queueing up all along. if you are at a junction waiting to cross the road and you are the first car, then there will be the chance that there is an impatient driver behind who will honk at you to move as if he or she can see better from behind. in penang it is even worse because you have the problem of motorcyclists on your left and right weaving in and out of traffic. there, you will have to look out for them. if you intend to turn left and have indicated that you are doing so, you have to look back to see if there are any motorcycles on your left before you make the turn. because more often than not, they are travelling too fast and can't stop in time or they are not paying attention. or some will come honking away and telling you to let them pass first before you can make your turn. many a times accidents happen because of their carelessness. but of course, they do not admit to that. their excuse would be 'you are bullying us'. most of the motorcyclists in penang ride very fast as if they are in a race with each other. when they can't stop in time and knock into the vehicle in front, they will quickly ride away to escape confrontation. sort of a hit and run case. now, who is bullying who here? who is going to pay for the damage to the vehicle? where is justice?

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