Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Just me

A few days ago I read an article on bribery by one famous writer. Then it got me wondering to the times when I was younger and flouted a few traffic rules.

I have always loved to drive fast and still do. I even wanted to be a race car driver when I was younger. But of course, it did not materialise because my studies took precedence.

Being the daredevil, you can imagine how fast I had driven when I got my hands on my first set of wheels. Many a times it was a near miss for me. But God has preserved my life all these while.

I remember overtaking vehicles dangerously and speeding, among others. I can't recall the number of summonses I had gotten those days, either for speeding or overtaking at double lines and it did not occur to me to offer any bribes at all. All I knew was I had to pay the fine. And I am really glad that I did.

Today I am not that fast and furious anymore. Age is catching up, I guess and I have learnt to value my life. Of course at times, when I'm travelling home from out station, I do exceed the stipulated speed limit because I want to arrive home earlier. But that does not make it right, I was still flouting the traffic rules.

I have mellowed a lot when I compare myself to those days. I try my best to follow the speed limit, not to overtake dangerously and not to tailgate other drivers but it's very difficult at times. ;P

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