Wednesday, March 17, 2010


It's the school holidays again and Iyan has embarked on a different hobby. Tennis. He has been attending tennis lessons for nearly a month now and he seems to love it very much. If possible, he wants to play it every day. But it's not so with his other 'projects'. He did not like taekwondo. Neither was he this crazy over football.

I asked him if his tennis coaches ever scolded him and he said no. I remembered his taekwondo's so-called master scolding the children and one of the words was 'stupid', which I will never forget. I guess that is why he is finding so much joy in playing tennis.

I personally feel that if we can't be patient with children, then we should not be teaching or coaching them. They are sent to us by their parents to learn something and if we keep scolding them with such harsh words, it would be very demoralising to them.

Children learn through example. They are young and still need nurturing, so if we were to use such harsh and demoralising words, they will lose their self-confidence. How do we expect the child to learn?

So, for those who aspire to be coaches (in whatever field) to children, do learn to be a little more patient and hold your tongue. Keep your temper in check and you will be able to produce world champions.

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