Sunday, November 16, 2008

Malaysian Drivers 3

I was using the highway again two days ago. As usual, you will find irritating drivers who think they are the only ones who are entitled to use the highway. You see, as I was overtaking a lorry at 110km/h, out of nowhere came a motorist flashing madly at me demanding me to move over. Come on, I was overtaking another vehicle, ok! There are also lorries and tankers going above the mandatory speed limit as if they are rushing for something. Then there are also buses plying the highway at above the speed limit allowed. The Malaysian Highway Authority has fixed 90km/h for heavy vehicles on the highway but the way the buses are going, the drivers are either oblivious to the rules or are just plain dumb. They have forgotten that there are about 40 lives entrusted in their hands and they act as if they are taking part in an F1 race. Can you imagine how fast a bus is travelling if it overtakes you who are going at 110km/h and disappears from sight within minutes of overtaking you? Where are the authorities, you would ask. At times when accidents do happen, many innocent lives are lost. The best thing is when investigations have been carried out, we find that the drivers actually had many unsettled summonses for numerous traffic offenses. Something is not right here. How can a driver with so many unsettled traffic summonses be allowed to drive a public transport vehicle? Why aren't the necessary actions taken against them? Why do transport companies still employ them? We hear of warrants of arrest being issued against traffic offenders who have yet to settle their summonses but why aren't these errant bus drivers remanded? If you are knocking on people's doors to serve them their warrants of arrest, how come these people manage to get away with it? Another thing is, if we make a survey, we'll find that the buses involved in accidents are from the same companies. Why are they still allowed to operate? Why aren't their licenses revoked? I am indeed mesmerized!

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