Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year 2009

Only less than five hours till the countdown. Yes, another year is about to end and a new year waiting to begin. Everyone has a different perception of the meaning of new year. Many of us are waiting impatiently for the countdown and I heard that many roads in the cities where the celebration will be held are closed. I can imagine the number of people who will throng these places. I went to one such celebration few years back when Iyan was just a one-year old toddler. We had a very nice time there. We had dinner and danced and swayed to 'the ketchup song' which was a hit at that time. When the countdown came, Iyan slept through all the noise and fireworks display. To many, the new year is just another year but to others, it means a year full of promises, especially to those who have experienced a bad or not so good year. It's something new to look forward to. Those who are involved in business hope that their business will continue to flourish. Many are hoping that they will continue to be blessed with the health and wealth that they are enjoying. Yet there are those who are waiting in anticipation of what the new year will hold for them. For students who will be sitting for their major exams, they hope that they will be able to pass them with flying colours. Well, practically everyone is waiting. Some will make resolutions for the new year. I used to follow the trend. Tried to make resolutions only to find that I could not keep up with them. Then, there was a time when I wanted to keep a diary to record everything that I did but that lasted only three days. Not even a week! Now I just take one day at a time. I've seen too many things, been involved in too many incidents and met so many people with all kinds of attitudes that the new year is just another year in my life. I just thank God for the good health that I enjoy. Of course, I love to watch the countdown. The atmosphere there is different from just watching it on tv. But I can't take all the jostling and pushing and the heat at these places anymore. Well, I guess I've really aged and mellowed. No matter what, I wish everyone A Very Happy New Year 2009! May all of us be blessed abundantly this coming year.

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