Saturday, October 18, 2008

Aging gracefully 2

Some people can be very nasty, regardless of their age. They become worse as they age. Is it because they are miserable so they want others to be miserable too? The older ones especially like to find fault with people who are younger than them. Are they jealous of them because they are more youthful and healthier than them? We all know the older one gets, the more sickly he or she will be. So minor things can irritate them easily and they will lash out at the innocent ones. Sometimes for no apparent reasons. An old woman who's already in her eighties, whom I know does that very often. She's plagued with diabetes and an itch all over her body that wouldn't go away. At times she would scratch her hands until they bleed when she sleeps. She takes lots of pills for these. Sometimes, for no reason, she would be nasty to people who are nice to her. I think she is so unhappy that she needs to see others unhappy too. But, what about the younger ones? Could they be having marital problems? Or are they being bullied at home by their spouses? I know of someone who bossess over others at the workplace but is the total opposite at home. At work, she can't see others free or not doing anything, she will make them feel guilty for doing nothing though they deserve the break because she is being treated the same way at home. I hope that I do not do the same to others. I want to grow old gracefully, be consistent in everything that I do and be fair to everyone.

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