Saturday, October 18, 2008


I remember writing about someone who does not trust in her friends anymore and that her family members are the only ones she trusts. Well, after some observation, I realise that the problem doesn't lie in her friends at all. The problem is with her. I see one of her friends being so nice to her. Once in a while this particular friend would think of her and take the trouble to prepare something nutritious for her to consume. Yet, at times she would tell me that this friend is sulking or is angry with her because of certain things. I feel that the problem actually lies with her. She should learn to give and take and learn to forgive others. Don't be too quick to judge others and think that she is always the one who is right. We can't expect others to always 'kowtow' to us. Instead we should learn to understand others. To me, she is plain selfish. Always wanting people to give in to her. Always craving for attention and not thinking of doing otherwise. Maybe being the youngest in the family also affects the way she thinks because at home everyone gives in to her and she has become a spoilt brat. The way she speaks and the things she say always imply that she is right and everyone else is wrong and stupid. She thinks too highly of herself. For a relationship and friendship to work, we have to learn to understand the other party. It takes two to tango, doesn't it? She's already in her fifties but she's behaving like a little kid. She always never fails to remind others that she is the youngest in the family and expects others to give in to her. It is alright if its once or twice, but if she's always saying that, people get fed up with that. If we behave this way, I'm sure we can't make friends easily.

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