Tuesday, June 30, 2009

MJ vs Elvis

On Saturday Iyan asked me to get him Michael Jackson's DVD because he had missed the concert which was aired on television. He especially requested the one with Smooth Criminal. Why? He wanted to learn to moonwalk. So, on Sunday I was practically hopping from one shopping centre to the other looking for his DVD and at each stop, the reply was a disappointing, 'Sold Out'. I have to wait for the new ones to arrive somewhere next week.

Iyan asked me a question just now. 'Taiyee, who is better? Michael Jackson or Elvis Presley?' I couldn't give him an answer. I just told him that they sing different types of songs and both are very good. Iyan said, 'I think Elvis is better.' LOL! He also said that he wants to visit Neverland!

Michael is indeed an icon and a legend. Within days of his passing, all his albums and DVDs were sold out. How often do we see this scenario? I am glad I have his albums, even though not many. I am not an avid fan of his but I just love his songs and music. I wonder if there will be any other singer who could replace him?

As for Elvis, I don't know much about him. Could the atmosphere at the time of his death be the same as the one now? All I know is I also like many of Elvis' songs and I have a collection of them. Not bad eh?

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