Thursday, June 18, 2009

That's life 3 ...

Yesterday at work, a colleague of mine told me that another colleague (A) was on medical leave for one day. Without thinking, I asked, 'Only one day?' 'Yeah, he said one day only.' I couldn't believe my ears. Did I hear right? Then I thought, people may change.

This morning at work, the same colleague told me that A was on medical leave for another day. Yay! I wasn't wrong. Old habits die hard. Another colleague who sits next to me said, 'We know him too well.' I couldn't agree more.

This type of people will find all ways to be absent from work and these are also the people who would get away with things with their smooth talks. They will shirk their responsiblities and others would have to help complete their unfinished work.

Then there is another type who will out of the blue tell you that they are not feeling well and want to go to the clinic or hospital during office hours and would disappear for the whole day. At times I wonder why action is never taken on this type of people. It's unfair when the rest of us have to cover for them.

Of course there are many others who are worse than what I've mentioned and I guess we can't really get rid of all of them. Come to think of it, I think the world that we live in wouldn't be as colourful as it is now without them, right? They do spice up our lives and at least give us something to gossip about. ;P

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