Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Tale from Wonder Land 2

It looks like everything in Wonder School is settled, according to reliable sources. The saga has ended. How is it settled? Well, apparently Number 1 (N1) has been transferred to another school and the principal (P) from the school that she's going to would be coming to Wonder School as principal. Actually P was formerly a senior assistant at Wonder School and was the Board of Directors' (BOD's) choice to replace N1. Fortunately their request was deemed appropriate and finally approved by the authorities.

When Small Fry (SF) and gang heard rumours that P would be coming back to the school, they scrambled to get in touch with her and tell her about everything that was happening in Wonder School. Sigh. Obviously they have not learnt their lesson. Why can't they just let matters be and work together as one for the betterment of the students and school? We wonder what would happen to Wonder School. Will peace and harmony ever be restored?

No matter what, let's just hope that P will use her intelligence and discretion when dealing with things and not easily be swayed by what they have been telling her. Most importantly, she would be fair in dealing with matters pertaining to the students' and teachers' welfare. Only then will there be peace and harmony in Wonder School.

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