Saturday, August 15, 2009

Happy Eighth Birthday, Iyan

In a few days, Iyan will be celebrating his 8th birthday. Eight years! How time flies! I can't help but remember the first time I held him in my hands. The lovely baby has now grown into a fine young boy.

In these eight years, I've seen him mature by leaps and bounds. He has learnt so much. I just love to listen to him telling me things that he had read from books or magazines and also the newspaper, or even from the internet and the television. I really marvel at the amount of information stored in that young brain of his.

Besides football, his craze at the moment is the late Michael Jackson. I would listen with wonder each time he sings MJ's songs and he remembers every dance step too.

I simply love spending time with him and I know I will always cherish it. Last week, when we were out together, he said this again, "You are the best aunty in the whole wide world. This is the second time I'm telling you this." I was on cloud nine that day.

So, Iyan, here's wishing you a very happy eighth birthday, from the best aunty in the whole wide world! :))

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