Saturday, August 8, 2009

My BELOVED country...2

It's been some time since I last updated my blog. I just couldn't find the time to do so. Sometimes I marvel at those who can write daily no matter how busy they are. I always wonder how they do it.

Anyway, being busy does not mean that I have lost touch with whatever is happening in the country. We will be celebrating our independence day in less than a month and ever since 31 August 2008 till now, many incidents had happened. I've been pondering about them and wondering where our country is heading to under the present government.

The most recent one had been the anti-ISA march. The authorities claimed that the protesters were disrupting the peace by taking part in the march. From what I (someone who is ignorant where politics is concerned) see, it was a peaceful one until they started firing tear gas and spraying water cannons at the people. All hell broke loose then.

It could have been a peaceful march if only the authorities had allowed them to march and it could have taken only a few hours. Why do they always have to disrupt such gatherings? Even the candle vigil for the late Teoh Beng Hock had to be disrupted. Also, we should not turn up at police stations wearing a certain colour or we'll all have to spend the night at a police lock-up and enjoy free meals, that is, if they decide to allow us some food.

What has happened to the freedom of speech in this country? Does voicing out an opinion which happens to be against what the government wants to hear equate terrorism?

When I look back to last week's incident, I don't deny that I am proud of those who took part in the march. They know what their right is and they are brave enough to show it and the number of people who turned up does imply something. The cowards are those hiding behind the tear gas and water cannons.

Ooopsie...I think I have to stop or else I'll be the next one detained under the ISA for voicing my one cent thoughts and opinions. Goofy

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