Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Merdeka

In two days, we will be celebrating our independence day. So. I'm taking this opportunity to wish every Malaysian a very Happy 52nd Merdeka.

Well, will it really be a happy one? Malaysia is a peaceful country, then everyone should be a happy citizen, right? There's no war or suicide bombers here to blast people to pieces.

But, if we look closely, we see that it is actually not that peaceful after all. Many things have happened and are happening to put fear in the people. Many have grabbed the headlines but I do not want to talk about them.

What I want to mention here are those that did not reach the media. For example, snatch thefts and kidnapping, which are rampant these days and which are really frightening.

I take for example the place where I live -TTDI. Snatch thefts happen nearly everyday. It is not safe for a person to be walking alone. Even cars parked by the roadside are not spared.

We might think that it is not safe to get down from the car to open the gate manually before we drive in when we reach home. So, we have automatic gates installed. This is also not safe as proven by one incident that happened recently to one of the residents in my neighourhood.

As he was waiting for the gate to open some men appeared with guns. They forced him to open the door and they then grabbed the poor child sitting behind. A ransom of one million was made to have the child back.

All these have not been reported. Why is that so? Don't we trust the police anymore? Well. I think we all know the answer.

We just have to sit back and think and we will see that there are many things that are not right in the country. Not so peaceful, after all. So, since merdeka is just around the corner, we can take this time to ponder and seek what merdeka means to us.

Once again, Happy Merdeka to all.

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