Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gone Too Soon

Last night, I read on Twitter that filmmaker, Yasmin Ahmad's condition had deteriorated but I was hoping that with all the prayers from people who knew her, a miracle would happen and she would pull through.

I don't know her personally and I've never watched any of her films but I have always followed her progress via her blogs, The Storyteller, Part 1 and later, The Storyteller, Part 2. In her blog posted on July 22, a few days before her passing, she mentioned that she had chosen the song she was hoping to use for the ending of Wasurenagusa, her next project.

Though I have never watched any of her films, I have always loved all the Petronas ads that she had made. In fact, I've been looking forward to her next ad since merdeka is around the corner, followed by Hari Raya. Well, I guess that was never meant to be.

Finally, goodbye Storyteller. RIP

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Jasonmumbles said...

It was pity that such great talent was gone just like that.