Sunday, September 6, 2009

Family, friends and holidays

I guess I consider myself one of those lucky people in Malaysia at this moment, as I get to enjoy two long weekends in a row. Last Monday was independence day and tomorrow will be Nuzul Quran.

No matter what, I always carry my work home during the weekends and the best part is, more often than not, they will stay in the car boot throughout the weekend and will only get to come out on Monday at the workplace.

This is because holidays are precious for me. I get to spend quality time with my family members and friends. Also, I need some time for myself to unwind after the hectic week at work. A time to catch up on my reading, for instance (not that I get to do it often), watching movies or just lazing around.

Family members are very important as I know they are the ones who will stand by me no matter how bad a situation I might get myself into. They accept me and love me unconditionally with all my imperfection. That's why I love to spend what little time I have with them.

Friends are also very important to me. I have many wonderful friends. There are things that I don't tell my siblings but I can trust my friends with them. So, holidays are also reserved for these wonderful friends of mine.

In this sense, I consider myself very blessed. First, for having a family that loves me unconditionally and some very wonderful friends, besides enjoying a healthy life and a steady job. What more can I ask for?

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