Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Hari Raya Feast

Rendang for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper?? Nasi briyani too??? Well, that's what I've been having ever since the raya started. I can imagine my cholesterol level at the moment. My stomach is sending me warning signals too...no, no, no, no more!!!

Due to the long weekend, the roads in and around KL are quiet. No traffic jams and all that but not in the area near and around 1U. Traffic is as heavy as normal days. I always wonder why people like to go to 1U so much.

I live in TTDI, just a stone's throw away from there. Every weekend we face this problem whenever we need to go out. There will be a massive jam heading to and from 1U.

Yesterday Iyan wanted to get something from 1U, so I took him there. Imagine my horror when I saw the number of cars waiting to enter the parking lot. But because I had promised to take him there, I had to brave the jam and when I finally got to enter the parking lot I had to drive round and round just to get a parking bay. Phew!

I always wonder why people like to go there. What is the pull there? There are so many other shopping complexes in and around KL. Why 1U? I'm perplexed.

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