Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol

Finally, the American Idol result is out. I know many of us have been waiting for this moment. Some in Malaysia got up early just to watch the show and wait for the result. I couldn't as I was at work. So I only got the results not too long ago on twitter. To be truthful, I'm glad that Kris Allen won. It's not that I do not like Adam Lambert. He's young and good looking. It's just that I don't like all those loud songs that he had been performing. I know many out there would not agree with me but I really dislike rock and heavy metal stuff. They are very noisy and at times I feel that the singers are just screaming and not singing. Sometimes the lyrics of the song are drowned by the noise from the instruments. I know Adam Lambert's fans and rock music fans would not agree but that's only my opinion and I don't deny that I actually like certain slow rock songs by Queen and Scorpion.

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