Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Today everyone all over the world celebrates Mother's Day. Well, I often ask myself what this day means to me? This is a day to specially remember my mum and all the things she has done in bringing me up. I know it wasn't easy bringing such a playful rascal like me up, what with four others in tow, all craving for her attention. We were especially close to her as our father was always away because of his nature of work. I remember when we were younger, we would pool together our pocket money and would secretly get something for mum. It wasn't much, but I know she was touched by our gesture. When I say that today is a day for me to specially remember my mum, it doesn't mean that I don't remember and think of her every other day. It is actually good to have such a day where we really stop doing other things and take time to specially remember our mums in a very fond manner. Of course, I know my mum would not want my siblings and I to spend much just for this day. For her, as long as her children are happy and doing well in life, she's a happy and contented woman. I'm sure all mums share this feeling. So, mum, Happy Mother's Day to you and to all mothers Happy Mother's Day to you all too!

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