Friday, May 8, 2009


Thank God it's Friday again. Have been looking forward to this day. Finally, I can relax from the chaos at the workplace. Lately, I've been looking forward to holidays and weekends as I cannot stand the political scene at the workplace anymore. Just want to get away from all these and have some peace. I wore black to work today and one of my colleagues asked if I was mourning for what had happened yesterday in Perak at the State Assembly. One Black day. I jokingly said yes. That is one lesson to be learnt. Because of one person's act and decision we see the people of Perak being subjected to such a situation. If only it had been conducted in a different manner, then things would have been much different. A minor decision, no matter how simple or small it is, is able to change the whole life history of someone or a state or country. So, if we are chosen as leaders we should not just think and make decisions for our own benefit but to look at the bigger picture, the workplace in particular or the state or country in general.

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